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The Moment’s We Live For

Life can be very stressful. Especially at this time of year, with everyone in the middle of GCSE’s, A Levels, finishing of their BTEC’s, sorting their live’s out for university or what ever they are doing next year. May and June can be some of the most stressful times for people of my age. Just of the brink of starting life of by themselves, leaving home whether that’s to go to university or as a declaration of their independence.

In the midst of all these stressful situations, it’s important that we get out, that we enjoy ourselves. Remember to live. We can get so caught up, in exams, deadlines and life that we forget that we actually have to live too. Enjoy ourselves. Make memories. It’s all well getting 4 A*s at A level, going to Oxford and getting a good job, but none of that matters if you don’t remember to live, to enjoy your life. When sat on your death-bed, you’re not going to remember exam periods, what university you went to, or what your wage was, what you’ll reminisce is your life, the moments of joy, beauty and travel. The moments, you felt whole and like you truly were alive.

I realised the importance of this on a recent trip to ‘The River.’ A place of breathtaking beauty, peace and amazement. Spontaneous trips out with friends, down to beautiful places, for BBQ’s, this is the kind of moment’s I live for. Moment’s surrounded by people who love you, by people who would never judge you, people caring for you no matter what. A real movie moment, the time’s in life that feel like they need a soundtrack, the carefree times filled with nothing but happiness. These moments are truly living. Whether you stray far from home, or near, it does not matter. These are the moments that we will all look back on and remember forever, not the days of revision and sorrow.

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So if you are in the midst of exams and stressful times, then make sure you take a break, enjoy yourself.

Remember to Live.



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