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Something Creepy…

Back in the times of photography A level, it was almost like, the creepier the photo the better. Me and my friend Em (From the come along with me in Bournemouth, Shake it like a Polaroid picture and soon to be in this months capturing with) have this saying, ‘If we think Mr G would like it, we know it’s a good photograph.’ I was unsure whether to upload these photographs, as they are not my usual pretty pink girly ones, however on the basis that I know Mr G would LOVE these images, I decided to upload them anyway. 

This is a technique I discovered on Pinterest. Essentially all you have to do is set a long shutter speed and half way through the exposure cover your face with your hand. I used a shutter speed of 30 seconds, in the setting TV on the Canon 1200d. I originally had this post scheduled, however I was quite excited to publish this one so I’ve published it now.










Promise i’ll be back to pretty photographs soon, but what did you think of this slightly creepy change?



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