Room 94 – Dirty Dancing Tour

Almost exactly 2 years ago now, I went to see Lawson in concert, little did I know that I would develop a fondness for one of their support acts – Room 94. Well I say fondness, some may call it an obsession. They recently released their second top 40 album, both released with in a year. The band consists of three brothers and one Kit Tanton, producing rock, guitar influenced music.

Last night I went to one of their ‘Dirty Dancing’ Tour dates, which has only just started with tickets still on sale if you wish to go. With staggering light displays, stunning smoke machines and a spectacular stage presence, it is definitely a show worth going too.

Kieran, the lead singer, had agreed to do a mini interview after the show, however due to last trains home we had to leave before we got a chance. Nonetheless I did take this chance to challenge myself, and try out some concert photography, proving a lot harder than my usual landscape photography.

Here are some of the Photographs

sean room 94 room 94 - kieran lemon kit tanton - room 94 kieran lemon - room 94 kieran room 94 black and white kieran room 94 band room 94Kisses – B

Room 94 – ‘So What’

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