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Up The Pools

This week has been quite the eventful one, after a trip to London at the weekend, (Post’s to follow), I took a trip up North to visit DistinctiveMode and my boyfriend who happens to be her brother. Throughout the last week, I’ve spent less than 24 hours within my own home.
Most of the time away was spent travelling or on trains – and I’ve loved every second. I love the nature of travelling; the sense of adventure that comes with it. I love the feeling of looking out the train window and watching all the new and unknown places in excitement and amazement. Travelling and getting out to see the world, gives you a sense of freedom, it set’s you free inside and motivates you to do great things. ‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’ Henry Miller. Travel is a way of meeting new people, experiencing diversity and learning different cultures. By reaching out and visiting new places we are opening up our understanding of the world around us.

As I mentioned above, whilst visiting Hartlepool, I got the chance to meet and spend time with Eleanor, who you all know as the owner of DistinctiveMode. After months of correspondence and friendship it was so nice to finally get the chance to meet her. She was even more lovely and beautiful than expected. Especially for her Prom, which I had the opportunity to be around before she headed off to prom, all made up and in her dress. She was absolutely stunning. I’ll definitely be going up to visit again.

Sometimes people have a huge impact on our lives, even from 300 miles away. But this is not a problem. With the internet and modern technology we can stay connected and keep friendships with these people. Despite the ache within me to go back up and wishing I never left, the time with these people is worth the pain you feel when you leave. I’ve really enjoyed my few days away, I also took lots of photographs throughout the time I was there, here are a few.


Till next time.


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  • Reply nan

    Another lovely post. As you know Grandad and I love travelling. See you soon xx

    July 4, 2015 at 2:17 pm
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