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Tumblr Style Cosy Corner | Easy DIY

After receiving a record player for my birthday, I had to have a re-jiggle of furniture to allow me to place it near to a plug. This led to one corner of my room freeing up and it felt too empty. I felt inspired, this was my chance to add something new, a change to my bedroom. To make something creative, that’s mine. So I decided to make a ‘Cosy Corner.’ I’m extremely pleased with the result.

In order to make your own ‘cosy corner’ you’ll need:

Cushions of your choice – I got all three of mine from the Range.
4 Set’s of fairy lights – and pins to secure them, I picked one set up from the Range and the other’s from Poundland.
An old comfy duvet and cover.

The first job is to pin the fairy lights to the wall. I decided to drape some along the wall above where the pillow’s would be, and also to add some vertical ones on my slanted wall, to make them look like stars. After this step its time to messily place the duvet in the corner, so that it looks and feels cosy. Then after that, you place the pillows on top of the duvet in an order that you like; and that’s it done. This is a really simple and easy way to spice up your room and a cute place to read or blog.

I hope to see some of you recreating this Tumblr Style Cosy Corner. Make sure you tag me on Instagram or twitter if you do. (Links in the social media box on the right.)

Back at you soon my lovelies.


IMG_8750 IMG_8748 IMG_8747 IMG_8749

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