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To Vote Or Not To Vote

May 7th. Election Day. With the day coming around quick, there has been a lot of discussion, both at home and college, about who too vote. It’s everywhere, turn on the TV and you’ll see broadcast’s, adverts and even TV show’s talking about the election and the different party’s. This year, is the first year that I am going to be old enough to vote  – a prospect I find extremely exciting.
I’ve been raised within a house where voting is deemed to be very important, which I agree with. I believe everyone should take advantage of this right and use their voice. In Australia, it is illegal not to vote, which I think is great. How can the elected party represent the majority of the county, if not everyone votes?

Another important reason I urge young people to get out, vote and to use their voice is because we are the age range least likely to vote. With so many people of this age not voting, it allows the politicians to make policy’s that hinder us and not make policy’s in our favour. By having our say and showing that we care about what happens within our country, maybe then we will be thought about when policy’s and laws are being thought up and put into action.

It’s the only power we have. If we do not vote, we are not using the only power we have over how our country is run, on factors that would affect our daily life. Simply we have to care, we have to realise that whoever is in power directly affects our life’s in a major way, therefore we should care.

I live in a ‘Safe Seat’ area, meaning that the likely hood that the conservatives will win the local seat is extremely high, but it’s still important to use your vote! The constituency of Crewe & Nantwich was a safe seat for over 25 years, until in 2008 change was finally made, people kept campaigning and they kept voting, leading to the change that they wanted. Imagine if you didn’t vote because you felt like it was ‘pointless’ and then the party you wanted lost by one vote? Don’t not vote, just because it’s a ‘Safe Seat’ constituency. If your reason for not voting is in protest and not agreeing with any of the party’s, you can leave your ballot blank. By still using up your vote and leaving the ballot blank, you are creating a more effective protest than you would be by staying at home.

It’s important to have your say within your community, to show that you care about the environment in which you live. With most of us not having the opportunity to be an MP, this is the small say that we have, making it all that more crucial that we use our vote to ensure that we are heard. That the representative government, actual represents the county, not just the minority taking advantage of their say. So, who are you going to vote for this coming election, you’ve got 3 more days to decide. (I’m going Labour or Green)




Update: I just found a youtube video by one of my favourite youtubers, Sprinkle Of Glitter, A Louise and A Politician, talking with the leader of the Labour party about why you should vote.

I love how Ed Miliband is reaching out to people of our generation, like youtube!!

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  • Reply Lynn Fancy

    Well said Pumpkin, I am very proud to hear your views on this, what a gorgeous girl you are – and quite right! <3 you xxx

    May 4, 2015 at 10:14 pm
    • Reply Betsy

      Thankyou Lynne xx

      May 4, 2015 at 10:38 pm

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