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The Meaning of Music

What does music mean to you? Is it a major part of your life? Or is it something that doesn’t really take your interest. They are so many different genres and types of music, to suit everyone’s tastes. Most people like music in one form or another. For me, music has a vital place in my heart. Guitar driven, pop punk music is my favourite, along with the more rock influenced chart music. 5 Seconds of Summer, Taylor Swift, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low and Room 94, are just a few artist’s that I adore.

What I love so much about music is it’s versatility, how it can make you feel and influence your mood. When you are sad you can find comfort by just pressing a button. Music is something that can connect everyone, most people feel a connection to music in one way or another. Music brings people together, in both times of need and times of joy. Some connect to music by listening, some by playing, but all creating an unbreakable bond.

For some people, music becomes more than something you listen to, it becomes a way of life. Music is always there to turn to in the time of need, creating an escape from reality. A moment where we can pretend to be someone else, or for some of us, a time we can be ourselves. It gives us the ability to express ourselves and our personality’s. A way to connect with faith or with others.

Lyrics can speak out, creating intimacy between you and the music. Explaining exactly how you feel, reassuring you and motivating you. Music is always there throughout thick and thin, ensuring your happiness helping you discover who you are. Bands helping people through tough times, music can be such a powerful tool.

A band or artist can cause someone so much happiness, it could be the only source of happiness that someone can seek. It’s our job to respect people’s music tastes. By rejecting someone’s music taste, by telling them it is not ‘real music’ or by proceeding to tell them how bad that type of music or artist is, we are rejecting them as a person. By respecting how someone feels about a certain song, artist or genre, earns us respect back. Yes, that person listens to ‘mainstream’ music, but there is a reason it’s ‘mainstream’, just because other people like that sort of music too doesn’t break their connection or feelings towards the music.

So what kind of music do you like? How does music make you feel? I’d love it if you let me know in the comments. Much Love.

Kisses -B

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