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The First Time Tag

Recently, over at Distinctive Mode, Eleanor has been speaking all about her ‘first times.’ She got this idea’s from the YouTube tag completed by people such as Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. I loved her post and decided to complete the tag myself. Time to reveal all to the internet.

My first word – My first word was ‘Dada.’ (Had to text mum for help on this one.) However my first proper word was ‘dog’. I obviously loved dog’s back then too, not much has changed there.

My first friend – My first friend was Penelope Gwen. Go check her Instagram out, she is an absolutely INCREDIBLE make-up artist. We’ve been friends pretty much since I was born. Our families actually used to live together, we went to the same first school and pretty much grew up together until I moved away. Though we still keep in contact now, which after nearly 20 years is pretty darn cool.

me and pen

My first crush – In fact, I had a boyfriend in Reception when I was about 4, I’m guessing you’d count this as a first crush? My dad got super crazy protective over a valentines day card I received from him once at which point my mum had to remind him that me and the boy where both only 4.

My first celebrity crush – Charlie from Busted.

My first boyfriend – Do you count the reception boyfriend? No? Okay. My first serious boyfriend was when I was 17, we were together for almost 2 years and was actually the brother of Eleanor. If you scroll back far enough through the blog I’m positive you’ll find mentions of him.

My first job – I must have been around 13 when I started a paper round for £12 a week. looking back now it is definitely not worth getting up at 6 every morning for the year or so I did it. My first proper job was in a cafe where I live on Saturday’s. I was there for almost 5 years and only left there when I started uni a couple months ago.

My first gig/concert – Excluding the many many gigs I’ve been dragged along to growing up with my parents, I believe my first proper gig was the Sugababes at the B.I.C. I was in year 5, aged 10. I thought I was the bomb in school making everyone jealous (With hindsight, I was definitely just annoying everyone on my table.) Now I’ve been to so many gigs I’ve lost count.

My first car – I got my first car for my 17th birthday. It was a green Ford KA from 1998. I named him George (despite continuously asking not to, my friends like to call him the ‘mouldmobile’ because of the colour) and he is still going strong today. See you at Christmas boy.

My first blog post was New Years Eve 2014 I believe. Almost a year ago now.

And there we have it. All my first times. I’d love to here all about yours in the comments.


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