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Recently I have ventured out of my university halls and moved into my very own shared house. This gave me the best excuse to pop out and buy some pretty new items for my new university room. For me it is extremely important to ensure that you decorate your environment when away from home. I found it helped me settle down in first year when separated from my family by 250 miles. If you are starting university this year, this is my best bit of advice for you.

I am currently teaming up with Ocean Finance to create a summer homeware haul. Here are a few items that I have picked up for my brand new house this season.

I’ll start with the boring stuff. At my halls, all the kitchen equipment was provided and therefore I owned none. I had to have a quick trip to Asda and B&M the day we moved in to ensure I had something to eat off that evening.


Tumblr – Waitrose


Set of four glasses – Asda


Set of bowls, plates, and side plates – Asda

Moving on to the more exciting stuff, the bedroom decor.


Pin Board – Primark


Photoframe – Primark


Fairylights – Primark


Canvas – Primark


Duvet Cover – Primark


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