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Random Uni Haul

So now its less than two weeks, as we count down to university, the nerves and excitement within me rise. With my first friend already moved to her university and others off this week, the whole aspect of moving seems scarily close. Lot’s of ‘last experiences’ are arising, such as my last day at work, last night out ect.
My last Primark university haul went down so well, I’ve decided to do another haul with everything else I’ve brought. So sit back, and enjoy. primark bedding collageYou may remember in my last haul I showcased my new duvet cover, I decided to start using it early in order for it to smell and feel like home when I am 249 miles away from home all the way up in Manchester. Since then, I also picked three of these pillows from Primark also. I love how the orange in the pillow matches the orange spots within the duvet, like they were meant to be together.

Hello Pillow – £5 
It’s the Little things/that make life wonderful reversible pillow – £3 each

stationary Collage
Here is all of the stationary I’ve purchased for university. I got everything from either Tiger, WH Smiths and poundland. Tiger is a great store to go to, if you are looking for novelty, cute stationary rather than plain and boring. It’s also super cheap, I’ve found myself describing it the Ikea of stationary. I then tried to get the rest of the things I needed from poundland before resulting to smiths for anything either of these places didn’t have that I needed.

I won’t bore you by listing every item so I’ll do it in groups. 
Everything in the top two boxes are from tiger.
Bottom left hand corner: (from left to right) Tiger, Poundland, Tiger
Bottom Right hand Corner: Both pen sets are from Poundland and both the diary and the pencil case are from WH Smiths.

tiger Collage

Not only do tiger sell stationary, they sell random bits and bobs like above. Some of my favourite items I picked up in tiger are the plasters and the sponges. Both in novelty heart shapes you can’t get any cuter. The plaster’s come with two sizes one bigger sized plaster but also smaller heart shaped plasters. Both decorated with little hearts all over. I thought these were ADORABLE. They were super cheep too. No more expensive that normal plasters. Who knew you could get so excited over plasters ey?

Everything above from tiger.

wiker basket Collage

As you may know, university halls are notorious for having little storage, so I decided to pick up some of these wicker baskets to help clear bits and bobs away tidily. I thought they would be good for bathroom storage. I also picked up a tooth brush holder and some salt and pepper. These salt and peppers where only £1 each, with enough salt to last most of, if not all of, the year. I thought these would be more simple than picking up separate grinders and salt and pepper.

All of the above from the range.

random Collage

So here we have a selection of random items. The first being a mirror (ft my face hehe hello.) I picked this up from the range because I thought it would be extremely handy to do my make up. Currently I have a large mirror that would take up most of my desk space, so I’ve opted for a smaller one that can be tucked in the corner until I need to do my make up. The second picture is a set of drawers that I’ve brought for my en-suit bathroom after watching a youtube video by JDRMakeup, (she’s lovely so go subscribe !!!!! )  She recommends buying one as there is no storage in the university halls bathrooms and you’ll need somewhere to put all your bathroom items. And thirdly I picked up this doorstop, I LOVE IT. If you are heading off to uni and are staying in university halls, everyone I have spoken to has recommended buying a door stop! This will make you look more sociable and help you make friends during freshers week. If you sit in your room the whole time with the door shut you wont meet anyone, but by propping it open and saying hi to people as they walk by, you are more likely to interact and make friends.

Mirror – The range
Drawers – Argos £19.99
Fox Doorstop – The range

I’ve rambled, I know, I’m sorry. This post is so long, and boring for those not off to uni imminently. However I know how helpful I’ve found posts and videos, (especially Jess’s), like these so I hope at least one of you found this helpful.

Is there anything else you think I might need? Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me on any of my social media (links to the right.)

See y’all on Wednesday.


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