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As part of my college course I have to complete a certain amount of hours at a work placement. The placement I am currently undertaking is at the very primary school that I attended. It’s been so strange going back after leaving there 10 years ago.

I was sat in the music room today thinking about how much things can change in 10 years. The fact that 10 years ago, the room I was sat in did not exist, how when I was at this school we had one interactive whiteboard for the whole school. They now have one in every classroom. I also started thinking about hopes and dreams and the future and what I wanted when I was at this school.

As part of PSHE the children have been thinking about their hopes and dreams. Today they were asked about what their dream job was. Looking back I can remember being that age and being dead set on becoming a teacher, I looked up at my teachers with admiration and was fascinated with the job role. I’ve always had a natural affinity with children. Always knowing that I wanted to work with young children. As I got older I decided I hated school and everything related to it and therefore the thought of being a teacher back then made me sick to the stomach. I went through almost every job roll possible before finally deciding last year that I did indeed want to become a teacher.

I know that 8 year old me would be so proud that I have just accepted an offer to study primary early years education next year. I’m finally fulfilling the dream that I have had for most of my life (minus a few years in secondary school grrr). To me i find this mind blowing and i am so happy.

Do you remember what it was like at your primary school? Do you know what you would have said about what you wanted to be when you were younger? Did you fulfil your dream? I’d love to know, feel free to leave a comment.

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  • Reply Penelope Gwen MUA

    When we were children I always dreamed of being a star. An actress, singer, painter or something. I suppose I have achieved those goals in unexpected ways! I really do believe in the law of attraction, that anything is possible as long as you work hard, believe in yourself and stay positive. I’m so glad you’re finding your path xxx

    January 26, 2015 at 9:42 pm
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