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My Bucket List

I want to make sure that i live my life to the full. I don’t want to waste my life at home and never getting to see the world or try out any new experiences. Here is my bucket list of things that i want to do and achieve with my life. I hope that in the years to come, i can look back at this blog post and be able to tick off some of these

1) Visit Amsterdam and go to the Anne Frank Museum
2) Visit New York City over the Christmas and New Year Period
3) Visit Australia and sleep out under the stars in the Outback
4) Return to Disney Land
5) Get a Tattoo
6) Hire a VW Camper and road trip across America
7) To be able to have a map on my wall with pins in all the places I’ve visited
8) Go travailing to somewhere like Thailand
9) To get a degree, and qualify to be a Teacher
10) Own a Mini Cooper or a Citron DS3
12) To own a Pug called Bentley
13) Meet 5 Seconds of Summer
14) Visit South Africa
15) To spend a year living in a different country
16) To someday get married
17) To have children
18) To overcome my Anxiety issues
19) To keep posting on this blog and not giving up
20) To lead a happy content life

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