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Moving on

Is there that one person that you have drifted apart from, that you really wish you hadent. Leaving school to start from scratch at a new college, lead to the drifting apart from me and a lot of my friends. Over time our friendship groupings and who we surround ourselves with change. Without realising, we can stop talking to people we were once best friends with. It’s such a sad thought, how you can go from being inseparable to no contact what so ever.

It’s natural, people growing apart, moving on with their lives. Leaving those they love behind.  Do you ever wonder what those people are up to? Your best friend from middle school? Your old classmates? Wondering what they are up to now. Are they still in education? or have they left and travelled the world? Everyone moves on, everyone lives change, leaving us wondering what it would be like if they never left. Sometimes we may feel pain that we have drifted apart, but the process is natural. Leaving with no bad feelings, making room for new things and new people in your life.

Nower days, with social media such as Facebook, we are given the ability to keep in contact with those we miss and those we gradually lose. Recently I reached out to two girls that I have not seen for over a year and a half. Catching up with them was eye opening, everyone is off doing different things, with different story’s. That’s the thing, sometimes we drift apart, only to be pulled back together. Maybe that’s why this process happens? To show us how important these people are to us, how we need them in our lives. Maybe to realise these people’s importance, in how they shape us as a person, how their presence leaves a positive impact on our lives.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that people move on, people drift apart, but if you put in the effort, the people who you need the most will always stick by you. The people who you need in your life will stay, even if they leave for a little while, they will always find their way back.

Kisses -B

me gee and Em

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