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Is there a God?

Is there a God? You may ask one person and they may give you 100,000,000 reason’s why there is, and answer with the utmost positivity, leaving you wondering and full of belief. Where as you may ask another, who may answer with just as many reason’s why there is no god.
In all honesty, I am not sure. I myself, was not brought up in a religious family, but my family have never been against it either. I did used to attend Sunday School with my best friends family, but that was probably more for the free cake, crafts, and something to do with my Sundays than the religious aspect.

My Granddad is a Buddhist, I have such fond memories of sneaking into his chanting room and watching him chant as a child. I found it fascinating, watching him worship. I always admire people with faith, and wonder how they can be so sure in something, that they dedicate their whole life to their religion.

I myself, do not believe in a God, however I also do not believe there is no god. I’d say I was agnostic, I am just totally unsure. Sometimes I’ll sit and think, and persuade myself there is something more, that there is a God, but other times, I sit and persuade myself that it is simply impossible. If there was a God, how could there be so much pain and suffering. But then if there was no God how can miraculous coincidences happen?

One thing that I know for sure, there is definitely something more to this world. Everything happens for a reason, nothing just happens. If that is God doing that, I am unsure. I believe that could be forces in the universe, something pulling us together. I’m not sure that God is a man with a beard sat in the clouds, but however I feel he could be a powerful force within this earth. This is what God is to me. I’m opening up to the idea that there is something more. Something incredibly awesome, that people like me struggle to understand.

I envy people with faith, their absolute confidence, that everything will be okay, that God will always be their in their darkest times and bring them back to the light. There kindness and their selflessness, I wish I could have this kind of undeniable belief.

I wanted to write this post, to let out what’s been battering around in my head for the past few months, I wrote it for me, to help me realise my beliefs and understand them. To collect my thoughts. Sometimes writing everything down, can make you understand the world more. I am fascinated by this subject, I’d love to know what your thoughts and your beliefs are on this subject. Essentially I am just unsure, and am open to anything. I’d love for you all to enlighten me on what you believe, is there a God?


Kisses -B


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  • Reply Nan Kemp

    Interesting post. I’m more of the Atheist viewpoint. But, as you’d expect, I’m happy for anyone to believe what they like as long as it’s a peacefuol belief.

    March 22, 2015 at 1:09 pm
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