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How to Prep for University |’I Love the Uni Girls’

Less than 4 weeks. The countdown continues. University looms over my head as I try to prepare for the next chapter in my life. I can’t help but to feel a whole spectrum of different emotions, from the complete excitement of one end to the devastating anxiety of the other, It’s an emotional time. Planning goodbye’s with friends, spending as much quality time with your family as you possibly can, making the most of the countryside before you leave. The idea of leaving home being a daunting aspect. These last few weeks are going to be filled with stress, anxiety and fears. But you can’t let that dampen your spirits. I have gathered together a list of ways to cope with the looming aspect of university as freshers all over the country start to fly the nest.

1) Make sure you are well prepared. By this I mean ensuring you don’t wait until last minute to buy everything you need. Reading books like ‘A Guide to Uni Life: The one stop guide to what university is REALLY like‘ can be extremely useful. Ensuring you have all student finance sorted. Leaving everything until last minute will just make you more stressed.

2) Try find Facebook pages from you university, your course and your halls. This way you’ll start to make friends before you even start university and have lots of friendly faces to look out for. This makes the process alot less daunting. I’ve already found a whole group of mates who I call ‘the uni girls’ all of which are on my course. Calming my concerns about making friends.

3) Learn to cook a few basic meals. When you head off, you’ll have to make all your own meals. Taking some lessons from your parents on how to make a easy pasta and sauce or how to make omelette, will help you to prepare. If your worrying about cooking and food, a good book to buy would be ‘Nosh for Students.’ Filled with cheap and super easy recipes to make on a student budget. Cooking a few bits and bobs at home will ease any nerves you have about cooking and not eating.

4) Focus on the good parts of heading off. Try not to think about your anxiety. I know this is hard. But by trying to keep a positive mind you will start to feel positively about going to university. Talk to the people going, let yourself get excited. Think of all the opportunities and doors you are opening by going to university.

5) Let your emotions out. It is a difficult experience and a scary time of your life. Everything is about to change and you have no idea if its for the best or for the worst. It’s okay to feel anxious and to let yourself feel these emotions. It’s healthy to let our concerns and worry out. As long as we don’t become too focused on the negative and let it rule our lives.

Are you a soon to be fresher like me? Or are you a second or third year or maybe even a graduate? What tips do you have for us freshers to help us prepare for the road to university. Please feel free to leave a comment.

To anyone off next month,  a massive good luck to you.

Betsy-May ♥

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    Some really good advice there Betsy. I hope you are listening to yourself!! Xx

    August 23, 2015 at 10:07 am
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