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Flawless Comparisons

After a chat with a good friend of mine, I felt compelled to right a blog on the issue of comparison. With the media and society portraying certain images and stereotypes of the perfect women, the perfect body’s and perfect ideals. People tend to get caught up in the idea of others being better than them. It’s okay having someone to look up to, as I do Taylor Swift. But in that, it is important that we do not compare ourselves or to think less of ourselves because of them.

You see, we tend to be blind to the negatives of other people when we compare. It is extremely easy to look at a model in a magazine and then get upset because we do not have a body as great as her’s. Whereas that is not the case, your body is just as great, it’s just different and great in other ways. When making comparisons about ourselves’s and celebrity’s or anyone who we may look up to, we forget that they may be hiding their flaws. For example, we may see a photograph in a newspaper of a women with flawless skin. We may then compare ourselves’s to this image, and become saddened by the fact that our skin is not as flawless as this women’s. However, chances are that the image has been photoshoped or that the lady is wearing foundation. She may too have self-confidence issues involving her skin. However we are comparing our naked self’s to someone who is showing us their perfected self. Themselves all dolled up, in the perfect clothes and with their hair done.

When we see ourselves, we see us naked, without our hair done, without make up. We see all our flaws, we see ourself in the most vulnerable state. We look in the mirror and point out every thing that we believe is wrong, all our flaw’s. But when it comes to other people, we only see what they want us to see. We cannot compare as we do not see them 24 hours a day as we see ourselves. They cover and hide their insecurities and their flaws from us, they use make up to hide spots, certain hair styles to hide strange patches on their head; what ever their flaws are, its likely that they have been hidden, that we do not know about them. Therefore in our heads we see this ‘flawless’ being. But when we see ourselves we see someone vulnerable, we see all our insecurities and we see all the flaws. The person we are comparing ourselves too is probably thinking the same about you.

Next time you find yourself wishing that you looked like someone else, or you had someone else’s hair, think about this. Remember that they have their own insecurities and flaws and that you are great in your own way. It’s the flaws that make people unique and beautiful. So stop comparing yourself to others, and appreciate that you are beautiful in different ways and that everyone is different. Everyone has their own insecurities.


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