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#DistinctivemodeRAOK Pt 2

I have two college deadlines tomorrow, so I thought, hey, why not write a blog post. I’m sure I’ll regret this hugely in a few hours when I’m up till goodness knows what time finishing my assignments off but whatever. Recently I wrote a post about Agape love and RAOK – Random Acts Of Kindness.  I stated the three RAOK’s that I wanted to complete, and today i finally got round to completing them. I decided to get involved with this challenge in an aim to make some one else smile and to make someone’s day.


My three RAOKs were as follows:

1) Leave an envelope on someones windscreen of their car, with encouraging words, to help bring a smile to their face and to make their day.


2) Share a book with the world that I have loved, by leaving it on a park bench with a note written inside, explaining to the new owner why it is left there. 



3) Buy a bar of chocolate and deliver it anonymously to a random house.




If you read my previous post about RAOK then you will understand that I got this idea from my friend Eleanor’s blog, Distinctive Mode. Go over to her blog to see what RAOK she’s done. We’d both love it if you got involved and made someone else’s day by completing your own RAOKs. What could you do to make someone else smile? Please let us know in the comments if you decide to get involved, we’d love to hear what other people are doing.

Kisses – B

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