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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Distance. In the age of technology and the modern world, people tend to be more connected with others from far away lands. May that be within the same country, or across continents. We end up being brought together with people far away. In some ways this enables us to form deeper connections, we can find more people like us, we have the choice of more people to form friendships with.
It gives us the opportunity to meet people who have more in common with us. As a music and band fanatic, I took to twitter where I could interact with people who loved, lets be honest obsessed, over the same four Aussie lad’s I adored.  (5 seconds of summer for those who didn’t know.)

I met some of my best friends this way; Charlie, Hannah, Megs just to name a few. I even met a boy through Charlie. These are the people who have had the biggest impact on my life. The people who have changed me and made me who I am today. Helped be stay strong through the dark and come out the other side. Without some of these people I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.

As someone in a long-distance relationship and many, many long-distance friendships, I realise the importance and value of these relationships. These friendships are more defined, more important within our hearts. We are not friends merely because of the proximity and ease, but because we truly want to be.  We are not just friends because we have to be or because we are within the same friendship circles. But because we love each other dearly, and don’t have to be there for each other, we don’t have to keep the connection. It makes the connection deeper.

It’s a test. Distance is a test upon our relationships. Showing us how important they our to us. Yes, there is a lot of pain and sorrow along with the long periods apart. But when you are finally brought together, worlds collide. It’s a million times better, than if you saw each other every day. The distance tests the strength of the friendship, and proves that the person is worthy of your time. Your affection.

In my experience, these are the best relations because of you legitimately care for one another. You fight to keep the relationship, you fight to be together, you fight to remain friends. You feel eternal love for these people, they will be in your hearts forever.


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