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I’m sat here at college, feeling less and less motivated, heading towards the end of the year. I may be feeling no motivation for college work, but the inspiration for a blog post has stuck. Make up. It’s something that most girls wear. To me it’s a way of expressing myself.
A way to bring an outfit together and generally just something fun to do. I often do a full face of make up on days that I may not even leave my bed. I enjoy the process, the creativity of it. I love everything about it. Apart from the bad winged eye-liner days. I hate those days.

However it’s important that we don’t use make up as a mask. Something that we hide our natural and inner beauty behind. Lot’s of people use make-up as a disguise, too give them false confidence. Unable to leave the house, see their family, without wearing it. Linking the make-up to their own beauty. Believing that they cannot be beautiful without hiding behind a mask of foundation, mascara and eye-liner.

We need to learn that each and every one of us are beautiful, that we don’t need to hide. We don’t need to spend hours every morning to be beautiful. We need to recognise that everyone is beautiful inside and out. Not because of the make up or the clothes they are wearing. But because of their personality, their likeness and their natural beauty that everyone possesses.

So maybe next time you reach for your make-up bag, think to yourself, I’m beautiful without make up, do I need to slap this on right now. Because one day you’ll realise, that when it come’s to material goods like make-up, it just isn’t important.

You’re beautiful as you are, don’t hide yourself.

Betsy-May ♥

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  • Reply Nan

    So true (says she as she puts on her makeup!!) Xx

    June 2, 2015 at 8:41 am
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