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Cinderella Cocktails

On a trip to Cyprus when I was about 7 me and my mum discovered Cinderella cocktails (Virgin one’s obvs.) To say I fell in love is an understatement. This led to the recreation of these ‘Cinderella Cocktails’ back home in the UK. For me, these cocktails remind me of my youth and this holiday. The delicious taste, along with the nostalgia make this one of my favourite drinks. It’s been a staple at any party or pre drinks I’ve had at my house over the years, which has lead to friends asking for the tasty recipe, or for me to make them whenever they come over because they’ve caught the bug for them too. After my recent 19th birthday, I had plenty of ingredients left over so I thought I’d share the recipe for this gem of a drink that no one seems to know about. Despite how simple they are to make.

♥ Ingredients ♥

A pretty cocktail cup for serving

greidine - cinderella cocktails lemondade - cindrella cocktails vodka cinderella cocktails♥ How to Make ♥

The process is super easy. If you would prefer mocktails instead, just miss out the vodka. You start off by adding 2 shots of vodka per the amount of people you are making this cocktail for. Next add 2 more shots, but this time of grenadine. Then top up with lemonade and stir. it’s that simple. Really. But the taste is just heavenly so make sure you give this one a try.

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