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Back to School / College Routine

It’s that time again. Time to dig out our school/college things, complete our homework and sort ourself out ready for a new term. That last day before going back, spent wallowing inside, completing all our last minute tasks before returning. I don’t know about you, but I’m the one that is always leaving their coursework until the last minute. ( I may or may not have a whole assignment due in tomorrow that I haven’t started…Oh no.)

When starting a new term, after a long break from school or college, it’s nice to feel organised, and up to date on everything. Here is my routine for going back to school or college, after the holidays.

1) When I go back to college, in order to feel more organised and ready to go back to college one thing I like to do is to get a new bag/clean up your old one. I am a water bottle hoarder. At my college we get ‘free breakfasts’ that come with bottles of water, meaning that everyday I have a new bottle and never end up emptying them out. I also end up with so much paper, and rubbish, it’s nice to clear it all out (or get a new bag) to feel organised for when you go back. I decided to buy a new bag due to my old one falling apart. I went for a backpack, as I have really been loving them lately, they’re so cute, stylish and laid back.


2) I also like to make sure that I have picked up more pens, as I am that person in class, that loses a pen after one use and therefore is always borrowing pens of people by the end of term. (sorry Mali.) In fact, this term I aim to pick up a new pencil case, in an attempt, to stop stealing pens from Mali.

3) When I go back to College, I like to have a new notebook, a fresh start. I always aim to be more organised at the beginning of term, and I feel by buying a new notebook, that’s clean, and neat makes you feel more organised and ready to get back into the swing of school/college.

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4) Making sure you have clean fresh clothes to wear. Since leaving GCSE’s 3 years ago, I haven’t had to wear school uniforms. I like to freshen up my wardrobe a little before starting a new term. To help me get in the mood of going back. Even if it’s not buying new clothes, just sorting through your clothes and finding new outfit combination’s, or clothes you haven’t worn for a while and need a little more love. Or even if you still wear uniform, sorting out new accessory’s, or buying new uniform, so you feel fresh and clean for your start back.

5) Finally, the day before going back to college, I like to have a nice bath, with a bath bomb or some bubbles, to help relax me before having an early night. I find that when going back at the start of a new term it is important to make sure you are not too tired for the first day back.

What do you like to do before you go back to school or college? Do you always leave everything until the last day like me? Good Luck to everyone going back to school tomorrow.

Kisses -B

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