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A Perfect Summer’s Day

Today has been uneventful, yet great. With the temperature hitting the high of 23C, the weather has been just superb. Beautiful. The rays of sun beaming down on my back, turning me a nice shade of brown. Within the UK, it’s been the hottest day of the year so far.
The rarity prises almost all Britons out of their shell of a home, into the garden or in the direction of the beach. I heard the complaints ‘it’s too hot’ muttered for the first time in a while today. Us Brits are never happy; always too hot or too cold.

With an idle look, I watched out the French doors inspired. Inspired to get out and create. I grabbed a classic tartan picnic blanket, some fruit, sunglasses, green tea and a good book. Ready for an afternoon relaxing, soaking up the rays. (Sunblock was applied don’t worry.)  The sunshine; one of life’s pleasures. As much as winter excites me, the cosy blankets, sweaters and the idea of Christmas; you can’t beat spending a day lounging in the cool summers breeze.

Today brought excitement and wonder, for what the summer has in store. Sitting in the sun, thinking about all the plans made for June, July and August, before I start a entirely new adventure in September. University. Feelings of fear and anxiety but also excitement and eagerness rising within me as September becomes threateningly close. Today being the true start of my summer, the start of the many memories that will be formed this summer. Camp outs, concerts, festivals; all planned for summer 2k15. It’s one to remember.

Summer is the best season out of all, it’s one of healthy tasty foods, one of adventure. It’s a time to feel good, to be healthy and get out in the fresh air. This summer I aim to get back out running, after a few weeks off recovering from a minor op. I aim to be creative, to photograph, to blog. I aim to be happy, to live. That’s what summer is too me. A blank canvas to be filled with creativity and adventure if you let it.

Release the creativity and adventure within you this summer.


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  • Reply nan

    Nice. We’ve had rain and sun here. The sunshine makes photos, and life, special.

    June 12, 2015 at 6:51 pm
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