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Banish Your Negativity

Negativity. A force that if we let it, can run our whole life. Easily let in, negativity can cause havoc within our brains, causing bad moods, missed opportunities and plenty of unpleasantness. As an anxiety suffer, a lot of my life is filled with negative thoughts, and if you let them they can run life. It’s so easy to get caught up within the trap of negative thoughts and actions.

The cycle continues, think bad, do bad, act bad. If you think you can’t do something, you won’t do it. You let the negativity win. The opportunity lost. They’re like a bully within our own brains. Tormenting us, telling us it is simply impossible, and that you are unable. More often than not, you would have been able to do, if you believed, if you worked hard. Rather than giving up at the first hurdle.

Anxiety is a mental health condition, filled with worry, terror and all things negative. The constant thoughts running through your brain, leading you to act negatively. Stopping you from doing what you want to do. Want to buy that cute top but have to ask if the shop assistant has your size? Well say goodbye to that cute top then. You’ve lost out on that top due to the devil inside you. Letting it rule you, control you and live for you. The thoughts, can put strain on the realtionships with your family, friends, boy/girlfriends, anyone really. It can stop you from achieving your potential, for striving for more. It can lead you to a state of depression, the devil keeping you locked away from society, adventure and change.

Positivity. A force that if we let it, can save us from the eviller negativity. It can counteract the bad, the devil. Once we override the negativity within us and replace it with positivity, it’s likely that our quality of life will improve significantly. We can learn to love ourselves, know that we are beautiful. Let happiness rule. We can free ourselves from the trap. Be creative, do what we want. Take advantage of all the opportunities that are sent our way. Learn to say yes.

‘Just say yes’ – Something I learnt from a youtuber I watch. A campaign to get people to stop being so scared, stop thinking of the worst, but letting spontaneity, adventure and oppuntities to run ourlives. Not the devil within. So next time you think ‘No i couldn’t possibly do such a thing.’ Stop. Just say yes.


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  • Reply Nan

    A very deep post. I hope you are listening to your positive self xxxx

    June 5, 2015 at 2:25 pm
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