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Prom style | Braided Updo

It’s coming up towards prom season, meaning that most teenage girls are thinking all things hair and make-up. The most common hair do for prom, is an updo. I suck at updos and hairstyles, so i thought i would should you all a way to create a really easy and simple style that is so easy i can do it. That really is saying something. This hairstyle consists of a few different braids all pinned back to create a braided bun. It’s best to start off by curling your hair, to give the style more volume, structure and too help the smaller parts of hair stay within the style and not fall out.

how to create a braided updo

prom hairstyle

♥ How to re create this Hair Style ♥

What you need: Curling wand, small elastics, plenty of bobby pins and hairspray

1) Start off by sectioning your hair into 4 different sections. This should be two at the front and two at the back. Clip the two at the front up out of the way. Now with the rest of your hair you should create two braids and tie with the small elastics. You may also want to pull the braids apart slightly to make them look softer and wider, which creates a more natural looking updo.

2) The next step would be to take the braid from the right side of your head and bring it towards the left bottom side of your head and pin it in place. If you have medium to long hair like me, you may need too fold the ends in so that they are hidden under the braid to create a more polished look. You then do the same with the other braid.

3) Next take the two sections at the front of your head out and plait both of these two, and secure with an elastic. (if you have parted it in the middle, then it could be really pretty to use a French braid, but I suck at them so I stuck to normal plaits.

4) You then take these two braids and pull them towards the bottom of the head, and again pin them on like you did with the last braids. Then take any spare bobby pins that you may have and then you can pin any loose stands that are hanging out, and tidy the hair up.

5) Give your hair a spritz of hairspray and vola, you have a intricate looking braided updo, which takes no time to do and is as easy as pie.

prom hair 2

prom style 4

prom style part 3

The dress I used for this prom look is from and i absolutely love it. The dress is a velvet style swing dress, and is so much fun to wear. It’s so comfy, yet beautiful, and swings as you turn, which is always fun. This dress is absolutely perfect for Christmas time, in the berry colour, however I thought it would make a lovely prom dress too. For those who, like me, don’t feel comfortable in long fancy dresses, and feel more comfortable in a dress like this. It’s your prom and it’s important you enjoy yourself. I know for my prom that I didn’t feel comfortable wearing heals, so wore my converse, leading to me feeling more at ease. So be yourself, and wear what you want, not what is expected of you. To complete this look I went for a simple, golden, dewy make up look with a large cat eye.

I hope that if you are attending prom this year that you all have a hell of a time and enjoy yourself. But if prom isn’t everything it was cracked up to be, then don’t worry, at the end of the day its not the end of the world.

Love ya.

♥ B ♥

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